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Psychics of scottsdale readings


Spiritual Healer

A spiritual healer learns how to "step aside" and become a hollow vessel, open to channeling and focusing this Divine energy for healing. Since the spiritual healer is not using their own energy for healing, but receiving and becoming a conduit for Divine energy, there will be no loss of their own vital energy after a healing session. In fact, in contrast to magnetic healing (see below), most spiritual healers report feeling refreshed after having come in contact with this Source of love and healing.

psychics of scottsdale color therapy
Color and Energy Consultant

For 28 years Janet has also been a Color and Energy Consultant. She connects with people who come to her for guidance and healing and is able to communicate what is wrong with a simple look depending upon the colors of your aura and energy flowing through your chakra. 


LOVE LOVE LOVED our reading with Janet. When we first moved to Scottsdale, we came to Janet for a reading. She was incredibly perceptive without us saying a word. She also mentioned a few things that didn't quite resonate at the time, but looking back a few months later, she was spot on. We are now at a crossroads in our life, and went back to Janet tonight for some guidance and direction. Again, she proved to be very perceptive, and we feel much more comfortable about our life's direction after leaving her. Thank you Janet!

Nicole R. | YELP Review

I've never been to a physic or done any readings of this kind but It was an experience that I will not forget, Janet was a great host, during my tarot reading It was mind blowing to me what was said and I kept thinking to myself how is It possible that she is sensing all of these things that are going on with me and they were incredibly accurate. She also helped me rebalance my chakras and instantly I felt the negative energy leave my body. Great introduction into self healing and I'm looking forward to coming back, this place is wonderful and with every visit I know I will be reassured of that. Highly recommend It

Johnathon Kyle B. | YELP Review

My palm reading was DEAD ACCURATE. She talked about my past relationships with perfect accuracy and about my life and the current turmoils I was facing. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about their future and energies. I even brought in my skeptical sister who had a very revolutionary experience that was very accurate.

Eva | Google Review

Today I had a tremendous tarot reading from Janet,  it was so on point it brought tears to my eyes with with everything from my past, present and future. I know now what I need to do in life and felt a great sense of pressure leave my heart when I left the reading and most importantly with knowledge of what to do. Highly highly recommend anyone a reading from here. Planning a chakra cleansing soon!

Gemma N. | YELP Review

The environment is very welcome and comforting. I found that the information I received was relevant. This is definitely something I will be thinking about a lot! Definitely grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new!! Thank you, Janet!!

Brooke | Google Review

This was my first reading with a psychic ever. I have always been pretty skeptical but then I never needed to go to one anyway. I was feeling pretty lost in life, I was stuck in a fog and was crouched in the fetal position in my mind with not knowing where to go. She got very personal and in depth and I knew what she was talking about immediately. The next day I went to see her again after she had meditated, and she went into more detail about my life and about what I had to do to turn it around.  I would highly recommend this woman for a reading and spiritual cleansing, she cares, she is kind, and she is definitely no fake.

Cheryl S. | YELP Review

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